The importance

of type...

No matter what the medium, whether wooden
type, hot metal or HTML text, good typographical
design will make the difference between a
message being read or ignored.

Whether the design is for an exhibition or a matchbox most have
text integrated and this will be a vital part of the design.
It is essential to choose the right typeface and the ideal width of line.

This is because the eye will not read a really long line happily
especially in an advert, poster and especially on screen!

The only time we are happy to read a vast amount of text is usually
in a book.

At the moment we are exploring the possibility of using Letterpress
hot metal setting) for specialist, luxury invitations - after all every
medium has its platform – watch this space...

Latest News

CDA are in the process of designing their own promotional brochure. When it is available you will be able to select a downloadable version here...