Changewise Logos and Branding


ChangeWise are a new change management
consultancy. CDA were commissioned to produce
a logo to represent the company. We felt the
best way to show change management was
either a typeface changing colour or a creature
that changes to match it’s environment.

We also thought of the brand postioning copy
‘Adapt to your Environment’.

Using animals to portray how they adapt to their
environment, made an excellent theme on
which to base the company promotional material,
rather than using business people in a training
environment or offices.

Brilliance Training

Brilliance Training commissioned CDA to produce a
new logo for them. We naturally thought along the
lines of light bulbs and sunshine as appropriate
symbols for them. The sunshine was the preferred
option. The resulting treatment of the logo was muted
as the company’s main target audience is business
to business.

Once the logo and stationery were produced we went
on to design promotional materials and a website.

Brilliance Training Logos and Branding